Paycrave is an iOS app that allows people to quickly find nearby food trucks, order food, and pay for their order prior to pick up.


Through my initial brand exploration for Paycrave, I determined the following personality traits best fit the company: “friendly”, “fun”, and “bright”. Assets for the app were already provided and I decided to keep the logo and typeface because they complemented the brand’s personality. However, the color palette did not fit Paycrave’s branding, so I started with a clean slate. I chose warm and bright colors as the main colors of the app because they emit a fun and welcoming feeling that would help persuade users to try out the app.

Style Guide
Paycrave Style Guide
User Flow

Paycrave’s user flow starts out with the conventional log in/sign up flow and branches out into the two main parts of the app: User Account and Food Truck Search. Paycrave’s objective is fast and efficient food ordering and every decision made reflected that goal. For example, users have the ability to easily store payment methods, eliminating the need to re-enter payment information during every order.


Keeping Paycrave’s objective in mind, each screen was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Users can quickly view important food truck information from the drop pin pop up. After a menu item is selected, users can conveniently view their order summary via the “View Order” button on the menu screen. Also, a side drawer navigation menu is utilized to display user account functionalities that won’t distract them away from Paycrave’s main purpose.

Final Prototype

When creating the final mockups for Paycrave, it was imperative for me to utilize enough negative space for information intensive screens, such as the food truck information screen, in order to provide clarity to important content. When building the Invision prototype, consistent animation was used to make the app experience more engaging and dynamic. Paycrave’s overall design process was easier for me due to my past experience in mobile design, however I still found it valuable to review the iOS Human Interface Guidelines to keep myself on track.

Paycrave Screens